May 30, 2009

This morning, we went to Johnston Canyon and hiked to the lower and upper falls. The great thing about Canadian Parks is that you can hike with the dogs. It was a beautiful hike through a narrow canyon with “catwalks” built into the sides of the canyon wall (and yes, they allow dogs on the “cat” walks).

We continued up to Lake Louise and found it still mostly frozen over. It was neat to see the glaciers and such high steep peaks. We didn’t spend much time there because the wind was really whipping up and it got cold.

We also went to Moraine Lake just west of Lake Louise. What a great drive. That lake was frozen too, but the scenery was really beautiful.

On the way back we passed under a few large animal over passes. The roads are all fenced to keep the animals off, so this gives them a safe place to cross. It’s funny seeing trees and bushes growing over the road.


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