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After a nice January, February started out cold with a couple of days with the highs in the low 40’s! By the second week in February we were back up into the mid 70’s and even hit the low 80’s a day or two.

We had a great time at the park’s Valentine’s Day Dinner. We ate a great steak dinner and afterward enjoyed music provided by a DJ.

We hiked to an area above Canyon Lake where we could look down into the lake just below the Horse Mesa Dam, which separates Canyon and Apache lakes. The scenery was spectacular.

Here are some future arches. We will need to come back in a few hundred years to see them!

We hiked to the top of a butte and could see the upper part of Canyon Lake

This rock formation is called “bear cub rock” as it looks like a bear cub climbing a tree.

These are some of the rose quartz that we found laying on the ground in one area of the hike.They are called rose quartz because some of them have a rose colored tint to them and some are shaped like flowers.

We went on a moonlig…

January 2011

The first few days of January were still cold but it soon started getting warmer. We had 4 nights in a row of temperatures below freezing – this is a rarity here in the valley. We then enjoyed temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s for most of the month – this is the reason we spend our winters in Arizona!

Our friends, Leroy and Jinx, from Benson, AZ visited us for a couple of days. We took a drive to Canyon Lake and enjoyed a cruise on the Dolly – it was windy and a little chilly but we had a great ride and got to see some Big Horn Sheep and a Bald Eagle.

After our cruise we had lunch at Tortilla Flats, one of our favorite places.Tortilla Flats is an old stage stop between Roosevelt Lake and Apache Junction.It is located a couple miles upstream from Canyon Lake.There is a restaurant, a gift shop, an ice cream store and a small museum.The walls of the restaurant are covered in $1 bills and the bar stools are saddles.

The restrooms are unique and a lot of fun

The ladies – you can…