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December 2009

December 2009
Well, December started off not so good. On December 5th Rex ruptured a tendon on his left ring finger. We would like to tell you that he injured his finger doing something exciting…. but that is not the case – he was taking off his sock while changing into his cruise uniform. Anyway, on the 9th he had surgery to repair his tendon. The surgeon inserted a pin to keep his finger straight until the repair heals (about 6 weeks). Other than not being able to wash dishes he is doing well.

On December 13th Nancy and her parents went to a civil war reenactment at the fairgrounds. They had a dozen Union and Confederate forces who staged a battle in the fairgrounds arena. The Union won the battle - It was very interesting but, because it was staged in an arena, it wasn’t very realistic. After the battle one of the Union soldiers gave a demonstration on how to load a muzzle loading rifle.

We went to church with Nancy’s parents on Christmas Eve and then had dinner and spent the evening …