June 12, 2009 - Whitehorse, YK

After doing some much needed housecleaning we went to the Yukon Transportation Museum and the Beringia Centre. The transportation museum had displays showing all kinds of transportation in the North from the goldrush days to the building of the Alaska Highway. Included were dog sleds, sleighs, boats, railroads, airplanes and trucks among many others. The Beringia Centre details the ice age past and has exhibits on the Woolly Mammoth, Giant Steppe Bison, Giant Beaver (bigger than the one we saw at Beaver Lodge) Scimitar Cat and more. We enjoyed both museums very much.

The weathervane at the Whitehorse International Airport is unusual – a full size Douglas DC3. It actually turns with the wind.

Today was also bath day for Camille and Cody – they sure do smell better now.

We went back to watch the Frantic Follies again. We tried to talk them into doing the last half first so we could leave early but the actor we talked to didn’t think much of the idea. It was a great show and we would highly recommend anyone who visits Whitehorse to see it (and make sure you sit in the front row). They pick on people in the audience for gags and one lady was from Fort Collins – not anyone we know but we did meet them during intermission.


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