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January 2012, Apache Junction, AZ

We started January by having to take Camille to the vet as a growth on her back had doubled in size and was starting to get infected.  It was a benign mass and we ended up having 3 of them removed.  Her stitches were in for two weeks so she had to wear the Elizabethan Collar (We called it her “torture collar”) for two weeks.  Everything went fine and she recovered very quickly.

We went to Fountain Hills with two other couples from our park.  Fountain Hills is about 30 minutes northeast of us and is famous for its beautiful fountain.  The fountain was installed as a tourist attraction and was listed as the tallest fountain in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records from 1971 to the late 1990’s.  The fountain operates every hour on the hour and reaches a height of 330 feet using two pumps.  On special occasions a third pump is used and the fountain reaches 560 feet.  If winds exceed 10 mph the fountain will not operate.  It is beautiful to see and there is a walking path all the …