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January 1- June 19, 2016 - Apache Junction, AZ

The New Year was welcomed by a coyote in our backyard on the morning of January 19th.Rex had let the dogs out into the yard earlier and was getting ready to let them out again when he noticed this beautiful coyote standing by the fence.We watched it for over 30 minutes and had a hard time getting hit to leave.Rex opened the side gate and we made a lot of noise – the coyote finally got tired of us and left through the gate.We had seen coyotes in our community before but were a little surprised that they would jump the fence into the back yard.We are more cautious when we let the dogs out now.

February was not a good month health wise as Rex started experiencing chest pains when we got home from tai chi class on February 3rd.We had to call an ambulance and he was admitted to Banner Heart Hospital after they discovered he had a coronary artery blockage.On the 4th he had a stent placed in his left descending artery.He came home of the 5th and was doing fine until March 28th when we had to …

October 22 – December 31, 2015, Apache Junction, AZ

We are settling into our new house and getting things organized the way we want them.
Rex is keeping busing with handyman work – the residents of Golden Sun, where we used to stay, are keeping him very busy.He also continues playing guitar with his friend, Gunther.They performed in a number of “coffee shops” at Golden Sun.He also played and sang again in the Valentine’s Day Program and the pizza party at Golden Sun.
We are continuing with Tai Chi classes at Golden Sun – Rex taught the class until our instructor, Gene, came in January.In December, Rex was asked to teach a Tai Chi class in Meridian Manor.So we go to our class at Golden Sun at 7 am and then to the class at Meridian Manor at 8 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Nancy is enjoying retirement again – water aerobics, tai chi, bocce ball, hiking and learning pickle ball.She enjoys the monthly women’s lunch and meeting more of our neighbors.
We enjoyed attending the Arizona Lecture Series again this year and hearing talks about Arizo…