June 25-26, 2009

We visited Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, originally built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the purchase of Alaska from Russia, today it is an historical site and community park. There are a number of museums, historical displays, a small train and playground, and a lot of small shops housed in original logs cabins from around the state. In the Railroad Museum Rex spoke with the fireman for the steam locomotive and he told us they will be running it on July 4th so….,of course, we will be back to see it.

They have restored the sternwheeler Nenana which was part of the Yukon River Fleet.

This is a snow tractor that was used to haul sleds loaded with fuel for one of the flying expeditions in the arctic. Evidently, the snow tractor was not a huge success and was not used much.

We drove North of Fairbanks to where a section of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline is close to the road. There is a visitor area with some displays about the pipeline and you are able to walk under the pipeline.

The campground had an 11 year old violinist & fiddler, Charlie McNeill, play on the patio of their dining hall. He was outstanding!! He played everything from bluegrass to jigs and reels to classical and played them all very well. He was so cute – he announced the title of each song and then bowed at the end of every song. He had all the songs memorized except two (one was written by his great grandfather). He said he has been playing since he was 4 and took up the violin because it was smaller than the cello. It was a wonderful evening outside listening to good music and watching the river.


  1. Aww those planters are so cute! I miss you guys! Have fun!


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