June 7, 2009

Mile 0 Campground in Dawson Creek

We left Dawson Creek this morning en-route to Ft. Nelson and the sun was shining. We were beginning to think we were not going to see any wildlife on the Alaskan Highway (other than whitetail deer) on this trip when we caught sight of a grizzly sow and cub along the road. A few miles down the road there was a young bull moose standing in the road and a little further on was a grey fox. I guess you have to keep your eyes open.

As we got closer to Ft. Nelson, the road seemed to stretch on forever. Just like those pictures you see of the desert highways that stretch into the horizon.

Once we got to Ft. Nelson we found a wonderful campground. It has a delightful burned out building for the kids to play in, a burned out car on the RV wash rack and three or four burned up 4 wheelers and lawn mowers lying around. It even has a Saloon. Not quite what you would call a 5 star resort. They even had a slightly chubby (fat) cover girl model in a too short skirt, checking us in. What a treat!

Ft. Nelson does have a very nice museum. It has a lot of examples of equipment used to construct the Alaskan Highway and a large assortment of other interesting junk. A neat place to stop and spend some time.


  1. Boy, it all looks familiar. We enjoyed Ft. Nelson's Museum too. Glad you are seeing some wilflife and that the weather has cleard up. Too bad about the shock problem. Hopefully that will be the last of that! Looks like you're haveing a great time.


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