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September 23-26 - Mount St. Helens Volcanic National Monument, Cougar area

Once again it is raining on the day we move.We left Silver Lake and drove to Cougar, WA which is southwest of Mount St. Helens.We are staying at Cougar RV Park just outside of the small mountain community of Cougar.It rained hard all day Monday so we just stayed inside once we got set up. It was not raining as hard on Tuesday morning and let up a little after lunch so we took a drive and explored Yale Lake and Swift Reservoir.We took a side trip to the Ape Cave and Lava Canyon area and decided if the rain lets up before we leave on Friday morning that we will come back here and hike in this area.This is a beautiful area and we are hoping the weather clears so we can get a view of Mount St. Helens from the south and east sides.
It was still raining on Wednesday so we decided to again stay inside and relax today.
We woke up Thursday morning to partly cloudy skies so we headed to Lava Canyon.We will not have enough time to hike in both Ape Cave and Lava Canyon so we decided to skip Ape …