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June 20-27, 2016 – Heber, AZ

After spending 3 days cleaning and loading the 5th wheel in 115o plus weather we left Apache Junction Monday morning and headed to cooler temps in the White Mountains.It was a very hot drive with temperatures starting at 109o and dropping to mid-90’s after we reached the top of the Mogollon Rim.We are staying at the Heber RV Resort in the White Mountains.It is wonderful to be in cooler temperatures!

We spent a couple of days getting the 5th wheel organized and relaxing.It is amazing how much you forget about where things go after being in the house for 8 months but we think we have finally got everything where we want them. We have been able to relax and do some reading – getting caught up some of the magazines that have stacked up while we were busy over the winter.The daytime temperatures are in the high 80’s and low 90’s and it cools off to the high 50’s at night – wonderful sleeping weather! We drove to Snowflake and Taylor, small towns about 30 miles north of Heber with a lot of hi…