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May 23-30, 2011 – Yuba City, CA and Surrounding Area

We left Oakhurst on Monday morning and headed Northwest to Yuba City.On the way we stopped at a strawberry field near Merced and bought some wonderful fresh picked strawberries.

We are staying at Travel Home Park RV Park in Yuba City.We are going to stay here until the 31st so we will not be traveling over the Memorial Day weekend.It is a small park and our site is almost big enough for us.They have no place to walk the dogs so we are walking them in the surrounding neighborhood which is enjoyable as there are flowers everywhere – lots of roses, honeysuckle, rhododendron and many others.Almost every yard has flowers blooming.

There is not a lot to do or see in Yuba City and it rained almost every day, so we took some drives in the surrounding area.Here there are less citrus orchards and more cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and nuts.There are also a lot of strawberry beds and vegetable fields.One surprise we saw was the number of fields of rice being grown here.We found an orchard th…

May 15 - 22, 2011 – Yosemite National Park

It was raining when we got up on Sunday morning.We broke camp and got hooked up without getting too wet.It rained off and on all the way to Oakhurst where we are staying at the Bass Lake Recreational Resort. It was spitting snow when we pulled into the campground.This is a really nice mountain campground outside of town and close to Bass Lake. It is also 13 miles from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park and almost 50 miles from Yosemite Valley. The dogs really like the fenced dog park that is on a hill with lots of rocks, trees and tree stumps to sniff around.

It rained Monday and Tuesday and we would not be able to see very much scenery if we went into Yosemite National Park.Consequently, we decided to wait till the weather cleared to visit the park.

We drove to the Hilmar Cheese Company in Hilmar, which is north of Merced.This is the largest cheese producing facility in the world, producing more than a million pounds of cheese each day.The plant is really impressive.We also …

May 12-14, 2011 – Woodlake and Fresno, CA

Thursday we decided to take it easy and get some chores done around the 5th wheel in the morning. We needed to do some major grocery shopping so we drove to Woodlake about 13 miles from Three Rivers. We saw a hillside covered with roses beside the road - it was the Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens. The gardens were full of blooming roses along with lots of other plants and trees.

We took a stroll through the gardens enjoying the beauty and wonderful aroma of the roses.

We didn’t find a large grocery store in Woodlake so we drove on to Visalia, a larger town where we were able to fill our pantry again. This is an agricultural area with lots of orchards and vineyards. On the way back we stopped at a roadside stand and bought some wonderful fresh picked strawberries and cherries – Mmmm are they good.

Friday morning we took the kayaks to Lake Kaweah and paddled around the inlet until the wind started blowing - we got tired paddling into the wind and not making any progress.

Saturday we drove …

May 8 - 11, 2011 - Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest

We blew out of Desert Hot Springs on Sunday morning with a strong head wind. We had about an hour and a half of driving before we got out of the wind. It was cloudy, cool and rainy and we had to stop and change from our shorts and t-shirts into jeans and sweatshirts – a nice change from the high 90’s. We drove to Three Rivers, CA just outside of the South entrance to Sequoia National Park. Three Rivers is a small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and stretches for 8 miles along the Kaweah River. We are staying at the Three Rivers Hideaway, a small campground along the Kaweah River. The campground caters to river floaters and kayakers and has a small beach where you can launch your craft. The river has way too much white water for us so we won’t be putting our kayaks in here. We have a nice shady spot under the trees.

Monday morning we woke up to rainy cool weather and heard that it has snowed in the higher elevations. We decided to drive into Sequoia National Park and see how…