July 22-31, 2017, Longmont and Fort Collins, CO

We are staying at St. Vrain State Park just outside of Longmont.We spent the week visiting with Nancy’s parents, family and friends.We enjoyed spending two days and a night with our granddaughter Mariah.We also spent time with Nancy’s son and his wife Kim (Mariah’s parents), Nancy’s sister Carol and her husband Vince, and Nancy’s parents.We enjoyed an evening with our good friends Jean and Bob in Loveland.

We celebrated Nancy’s parent’s 70th wedding anniversary and her Mom’s 91st and her Dad’s 90th birthdays.

Nancy’s family at her dad’s 90th birthday party.
We enjoyed seeing family and friends but now it is time to head back to Chama and get back to work.

July 17-21, 2017 – Jacks Gulch Recreation Area, Roosevelt National Forest, CO

We spent five days at Jacks Gulch, one of our favorite campgrounds in northern Colorado.Before we retired we spent many weekends here and one weekend we met a couple with an English Cocker puppy.A year later we adopted Camille and found that their puppy was Camille’s sister.Over the next few years we saw them here at least once every summer.A couple of years before we retired they showed up with Cody’s mother.We spent an English Cocker family weekend hiking together and comparing the similarities between Camille and her sister and Cody and his mom.On Friday afternoon a camper parked in the space next to ours and lo and behold it was them.Unfortunately, Camille’s sister died in April and Cody’s mother had passed away a few years ago. Anyway, they had a new little English Cocker girl – she was adorable but we didn’t get a picture of her. We enjoyed relaxing, walking the dogs and taking a couple of Jeep trips.It is always nice to visit your favorite places from the past.

July 10-16, Leadville, CO

We left Lake City on Monday morning and headed to Leadville.We drove north to Gunnison where we stopped and picked up some groceries before continuing to Leadville.We are staying at Sugar Loafin Campground.We have a nice spot the backs to an open area which gives us a nice view out the back window.This campground is also very full but the sites are larger than we had in Lake City.We didn’t do a lot in Leadville – just spend our time relaxing, reading and walking the dogs.We did walk around town and browsed around an antique store one afternoon and also drove around Turquoise Lake. One morning we decided to drive the four wheel road to Mosquito Pass (13,186 ft).We were told by another Jeep owner in the campground that you could reach the pass but could not go much farther because of a large snow bank across the road.The road was really rocky and rough and got rougher as we started up the steep switchbacks towards the pass.After bouncing and bumping up the first two switchbacks and look…

July 1-9, 2017, Lake City, CO

We left Chama on July 1st and drove to Lake City, Colorado.We drove to Pagosa Springs and then over Wolf Creek Pass (10,850 ft).At South Fork we turned north and followed the Silver Thread Scenic Byway over Spring Creek Pass (10,901 ft) and finally over Slumgullion Pass (11,361 ft) and into Lake City - it was a beautiful drive.We are staying at Henson Creek RV Park and are very disappointed.We knew it would be crowded by didn’t expect to camp next to the bathrooms/showers where we have no patio and cannot even put out our awnings as there must be a roadway between us and the restrooms for safety.We are constantly concerned about vehicles coming around the corner of the 5th wheel and running into our slide out. Our truck is parked on the other side of the 5th wheel basically in the patio area of the next camper – his truck is parked on the other side of his camper in his neighbor’s patio area. When we booked this RV park in February it was the only one that said they had any space avai…

June 1 - June 30, 2017 – Chama, NM (cont.)

We are continuing to enjoy working at Rio Chama RV Park – Nancy is learning more about the office and Rex and the other outside crew are mowing – a big job here keeping everything mowed and trimmed!

Rex spent some time renovating this railroad baggage car for the park owner, Russ.

Rex enjoyed working on this project and the cart certainly looks better now!

Rex rode the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad for the first time this year on June 9th.He wanted to make sure the dizziness from his head injury in March would not interfere with his being a docent on the train.His ride went well and he will work as a docent on his days off from the park when they need him.

We love all the big cottonwood trees in the park except for this time of year when all the cotton is flying – sometimes it looks like it is snowing and there are small piles of snow on the side of the roads!It is also playing havoc with Nancy’s allergies.The mosquitos have also arrived and we are glad we have the screen room so we …

April 22 – May 31, 2017 – Chama, NM

We made it to Chama midafternoon and spent the rest of the day getting set up.We started our jobs in the RV Park Sunday morning – Nancy in the office and Rex is working outside.The heavy snows over the winter knocked some trees down and broke a lot of branches so the guys were busy getting the park cleaned up.

We woke up on April 27th to snow – Brrrr

This was the view out our back window

It snowed off and on for the next 3 days and was cold - in low 30’s during the day and in low 20’s at night for a few days.It was quite a change from the warm weather we left in Arizona!

May started warming up into the 50s and 60s until we got another snow storm on the 10th – this was our last snow storm.We only had a couple days of cold weather and then it started warming again.

The park officially opened on May 1st and a few campers started trickling in on that day.The Rio Chama River runs behind the park and as the snow melts above us it is causing the river to run very high and very fast.The owners say…

April 21-22, 2017 – Traveling to Chama, NM

We left Friday morning after Nancy’s periodontist appointment and made it to Gallup, NM by late afternoon.We spent the night at the USA RV Park and the next morning headed to Chama.