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August 13-15, 2010 – Cheyenne, WY

We camped with our old FCRV camping group, The RV Rascals, at the AB Campground in Cheyenne, WY. It was great to see all our camping friends for the weekend. Our granddaughter, Mariah, came with us and was happy to see a couple of the kids she grew up camping with. The campground has a BBQ restaurant that serves the best ribs we have had in a long time. We went to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Cheyenne and got some great Colorado peaches and some tomatoes. Kind of funny that we went to Wyoming to get Colorado peaches!

Rex’s mother called Sunday afternoon to tell us that his stepfather had passed away. Consequently, we are changing our plans and instead of heading to South Dakota we are leaving Monday morning for Shreve, Ohio. We are not sure we are going to make it for the funeral but will try.

August 3-12, 2010 – Loveland/Ft. Collins, CO

We are staying at Loveland RV Resort and yes it is hot here – makes us wish we were back in the cool mountains! We have had a very enjoyable time visiting with family and friends. We took our granddaughter, Mariah, to Longmont where Nancy’s parents are camped in her sister Susan’s driveway. Nancy’s mother is regaining her strength after her bout with pneumonia but it is a long slow process. We had a number of enjoyable visits and dinners with family and friends and got to eat at our favorite restaurants again. We also bought a Garmin GPS unit and are learning how to use it. We think we will name her “Mabel”.

August 1-2, 2010, Buena Vista, CO

We drove to Buena Vista and stayed at the Mt. Princeton RV Park for 2 nights. Sunday afternoon we spent doing laundry. On Monday we drove to St. Elmo which is much more commercial since we were there last. From St. Elmo we took a really rough 4WD road over Tin Cup Pass. It started raining just as we got to the pass so we left the dogs in the Jeep and got a quick picture.

We drove down the other side of Tin Cup Pass to Mirror Lake.

We then drove through the old mining town of Tin Cup which now has a lot of summer homes.

We liked this sign – which was on our way out of town.

From Tin Cup we drove to Taylor Park Reservoir and then on a 2WD road over Cottonwood Pass.

This is looking down the other side of Cottonwood Pass.

It rained both days we were in Buena Vista which kept the temperature cool.  We are now heading to the Front Range where we know it will be hotter.