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February 2010

Rex is continuing physical therapy on his finger and almost has full movement back. The Dolly Steamboat is getting busier now that the weather is warmer so Rex is working more days which helps with the finances but cuts into our having fun!

We returned to the Willow Springs trail with the Golden Sun hiking group this month and had a great hike. We took a little different route as Rex had read about some archeological sites in the area where there are some petro glyphs and also caves that were used as temporary residences by early people in the area.

On Valentine’s Day we took Nancy’s parents on an evening dinner cruise on the Dolly. The weather was nice and warm and we got to see big horn sheep on top of a cliff. There was a big ram and some ewes with a number of lambs. We enjoyed watching the lambs jumping around on the rocks. The big ram showed off by standing in profile at the edge of the cliff with the sun going down behind him – beautiful! We also had a bald eagle fly around the b…