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November 2011, Apache Junction, AZ

Most of our neighbors have arrived in the park and the pace has picked up around here.  We are hiking each Tuesday with the “Smell the Roses” group and Rex is leading the “Rex’s Friday Hiking” group.  We are really enjoying our hikes in the Superstition Mountains Wilderness Area, Goldfield Mountains, Usury Park, the Salt River Recreation Area, and other areas.   

Besides hiking twice a week, we are attending a Tai Chi class three days a week and Nancy is doing water aerobics, stretching and exercise classes.  We volunteered to serve at our park’s Welcome Back dinner this month and we are also helping with the once a month pancake breakfast.  All these activities are keeping us busy and giving us the opportunity to meet more of our neighbors in the park.
Rex is working about three days a week doing maintenance on the Dolly boat, office and shop.  The Dolly is currently only running one cruise a day, 5 days a week so they haven’t needed him to work a cruise yet.  Hopefully, business will…