July 1-4, 2009

We have had more nice sunny, warm days and have spent some time relaxing, shopping and cleaning the truck and 5th wheel. We went to Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge and hiked with the dogs. Creamer’s Field was once the site of Creamer’s Dairy Farm, the largest and most successful dairy in interior Alaska. When the dairy farm went up for sale in 1966, the Fairbanks community raised funds to buy the land for the refuge. We saw Sandhill Cranes and a variety of small songbirds and had a really nice hike. On the way into Fairbanks we saw a moose beside the expressway.

We went to the local farmers market on Saturday. It is early in the season so they did not have a lot of produce, but we did find some really big radishes – the size of small apples. Because it is only dark for a few hours between midnight and 3 am, they do not do fireworks here for the 4th of July – they do their fireworks in January. We have spent 11 days in the Fairbanks area and are anxious to head out for Denali National Park tomorrow (July 5th).


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