June 6-19, 2010 - Mt. Pleasant, UT

We moved north to Mt. Pleasant, UT where we are staying at Pleasant Creek Ranch which is our home park in the Camper World Resort system. This is a really nice park with grass all around our site and shade trees. It has been a long time since the dogs had the chance to stretch out on grass and they are enjoying it. We are in the Sanpete Valley between the Wasatch Range and the Wasatch Plateau. This valley is very green and lush with hay and alfalfa fields and pastures with sheep, cows and horses. We are going to spend a couple of weeks here doing some sightseeing, catching up on chores and relaxing.

We drove the Nebo Loop Scenic Byway in the Wasatch Mountains. The byway went by 11,928 ft high Mt. Nebo – beautiful in its mantle of snow.


We stopped at Devil’s Kitchen, a small area of hoodoos which were nice but kind of anticlimactic after visiting Bryce National Park and Red Canyon!


We ended up in Provo and drove a few miles further to Orem where we found a PetSmart and bought dog food.

Another drive we did was the Huntington/Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway which took us through Fairview Canyon, Eccles Canyon and Huntington Canyon on the Wasatch Plateau. We came out at Huntington and to get back to Mt. Pleasant we took a 4 wheel drive road back over the plateau. We found this pretty little waterfall along the road.

We drove through a couple of mud slides and some small snow banks but on top of the plateau a surprise awaited us.

After waiting about an hour for this front end loader to finish digging the road out from under this huge snow bank we were finally on our way again. There were up to 6 inches of snow, slush and ice on the road which made for a slippery and bumpy ride. We drove through several more places where he had dug through several large snow banks to clear the road. If we would have done this drive a day earlier we would not have been able to get through.

Coming down the other side we came upon these 5 deer – a nice change from lizards and snakes!

When we got back from this drive the Jeep was in dire need of a wash.

The last drive we took with through Maple Canyon, a beautiful, narrow, rugged canyon that is very popular with climbers.

This is a view back down the canyon from the top.

We continued on a beautiful 4WD road back to the highway north of Mt. Pleasant and again had to wash the Jeep when we were done.

We have enjoyed the 2 weeks here and were able to relax and get caught up on some chores like washing and waxing the 5th wheel and getting caught up on maintenance and repairs. It rained for a couple of days last weekend and we had a leak in the ceiling vent in the kitchen. Rex discovered a crack in the seal so he resealed around that vent and also the one in the bedroom. Hopefully, that fixed it but we will have to wait for the next rain to find out for sure. We also discovered a leak in one of the side compartments in the truck bed which Rex was able to seal up.

Rex looked out the back window the other day and there was a squirrel sitting on top of the front tire of the truck. As many of you know we had problems with squirrels eating wiring in the truck the first year we had it. Rex went out to check the truck and when he opened the hood there was the squirrel sitting up and looking at him. After chasing the squirrel away he checked for chewed wiring but couldn’t find any – hopefully we won’t have any problems when we leave.

Nancy’s mom was hospitalized with pneumonia in Longmont, CO on June 6th, her 84th birthday – not a great birthday present! She spent a week in the hospital and is doing better now. Nancy’s parents had just gotten to her sister’s house from their winter in Arizona that day. It is going to take her mom a while to recover so they plan to stay there for time being.

Rex’s 90 year old stepdad was also hospitalized in Ohio for a couple of days. He has had dementia for a number of years and Rex’s mother has been taking care of him at home. They decided it would be best for him to go into a nursing home when he left the hospital. It is going to be a big change but we think it will be better for both of them. We plan to go to Ohio for a visit the end of August.


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