August 19-20, 2009

This morning we drove to Lake Pend Orielle in Idaho – what a beautiful area this is. We are camped at Island View RV near Hope, ID. We are across the street from the lake and camped in a nice shady, grassy area – we think we will stay here for a couple of days. While we were relaxing in the shade this afternoon white tail deer came into the campground – 2 does and a fawn. These are fairly tame deer as they came right up to our site and the dogs barking didn’t bother them much. Later we saw other campers feeding and petting one of the deer – no wonder they keep coming into the campground! There are also osprey flying around the area – we didn’t see too many but they were very vocal. We found a plum tree loaded with little yellow plums at one end of the campground - picked a few and they are sweet, juicy and delicious.

We spent Thursday morning helping our neighbor who came in last night - the jack on the front of their trailer stripped out while they were unhooking and dropped the trailer tongue on the ground. Rex used our 5th wheel stabilizer jack to lift the front of their trailer so they could get a bottle jack under it to lift it off the ground.

We took a walk down the road from the campground and into a subdivision that has some very nice summer homes. We came across this “homemade airplane” in a front yard. If you look closely you can see that it is made out of old car parts. On the way back we came across a flock of about 20 wild turkeys. The deer visited the campground 3 or 4 times today – one time there were 5 deer grazing near us.

We took another walk before dinner this evening and came across 3 bucks.


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