August 14-15

This morning we got the oil changed in the truck in Quesnel and then drove to Williams Lake and got the 2 tires for the 5th wheel. Now with 4 new tires we should not have any problems. We continued down the Cariboo Highway and stopped at the 108 Mile Ranch Heritage Site. There are 13 historical buildings here including structures from the old 108 Mile Ranch and the 105 Mile Roadhouse. This site began as a post house on the Cariboo Trail in 1867 and was a ranch during the early 1900’s. The Cariboo trail was used during the gold rush in the 1860’s. There are towns called 100 Mile House, 140 Miles House, 150 Mile House, etc. These were originally roadhouses or post houses on the trail and are named by the distance they are from the start of the trail at Lillooet, BC.

We stopped at the town 100 Mile House and stayed at the Cariboo Bonanza Resort on Horse Lake. We forgot to take a picture at this campground - it was a small fishing resort and campground.

This morning we headed out on Highway 24 which is called the Fishing Highway because the 65 mile stretch provides access to resorts and fishing at dozens of lakes in the area. It was a nice scenic drive. We stopped at a pretty lake called Lac des Roches.

We connected with Highway 5 and drove to Kamloops, BC. On the way to the RV park we got on a wrong road and had to turn around in a wide area beside the road. When we got back on the road we kept hearing a klunking noise. Rex figured we picked up a rock in one of the tires and it would shake loose. Well, it didn’t and when we stopped to check, we had a huge rock wedged between the dual tires on the truck. It took a lot of muscle to break away some of the rock and get it out. Here is a picture so you can see how big the rock was.

We are staying at Kamloops RV Park which is next to the BC Wildlife Park. We plan to visit the wildlife park tomorrow. We were able to get a few miles of dirt washed off the truck this afternoon.


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