August 16, 2009

This morning we walked to the BC Wildlife Park and spent a couple of hours walking around. This is a small park that takes in injured wildlife to rehabilitate and release back into the wild. The animals that cannot be released are kept in the park. They have grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, buffalo, cougars, raccoons, porcupine, mountain goats, elk among others. It is family oriented with an educational center and a nice playground/picnic area. These fawns are going to be released back into the wild so we were not allowed to get very close to them. The opossum is a permanent resident.

We had a very enjoyable lunch with Marion, a friend from our RV Park in Arizona. She has a very nice bed and breakfast in Kamloops. The lunch was delicious and we enjoyed spending the afternoon with her and look forward to seeing her again in Arizona.


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