June 30 – July 4, 2016, Wichita Falls, TX

Thursday morning we headed to Wichita Falls, TX where we are meeting Rex’s daughter, Jen, her boyfriend, Jeremy, and their 3 dogs, Jack, Haley and Penny.  Jen and Jeremy live in Falfurrias, TX which is Southeast of Corpus Christie – a long way to drive.   Jeremy’s parents live in Wichita Falls so it was a good meeting place and it gives us a chance to meet his parents.  We are staying at the Wichita Falls RV Resort, a very nice RV park along the Wichita River.

We have enjoyed spending time with Jen and Jeremy and finally getting to meet the new Dachshund puppy, Penny.  Of course we were also glad to see Jack, their Jack Russell Terrier and Haley, their other Dachshund.  We enjoyed meeting and spending some time with Jeremy’s parents, Becky and Gary.

Jeremy noticed that one of our front truck tires was bad and found us a tire shop where we got 2 new tires.  Jeremy generously surprised us with a gift of the tires and the alignment costs - thank you very much!

Rex was admiring Jeremy’s parents guitar, banjo, ukulele, etc. collection (too many to count) when Becky made a generous gift to him of a banjo.  Now he is accumulating his own collection of string instruments!  Thank you Becky and Gary.

Jen and Jeremy took us on a scenic drive in the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma just north of Wichita Falls.  These were mostly big hills with some lakes but it was very scenic with some beautiful rocky overlooks.  We enjoyed another nice day with Jen and Jeremy.

This was a great visit and we especially enjoyed getting to know Jeremy better and to meeting his parents.


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