July 7- 25, 2016, Wooster, OH

Rex’s mom’s back yard is a wonderful place to park the 5th wheel but it is not as green as it usually is.  It has been hot and dry here this summer – except that it is still humid!  We have access to water and minimal electric but works great we only sleep here and spend the rest of the time in her house.  Rex spent a few days washing the moss off the shop and a smaller shed and then he painted them both red.

We enjoyed visiting with Rex’s mom and she had a long list of handyman jobs for him.  She kept him happy with home baked cookies and peanut M&Ms!  We also visited with a lot of Rex’s relatives including several trips to his Uncle Ike’s house on Odell Lake.  We kayaked around the small lake and enjoyed sitting in Uncle Ike’s screened porch while we visited and heard lots of stories about his mom’s family.  We also saw Rex’s step-brother, Scott and his wife, Nora, his Uncle Pat and Aunt Carolyn and many of his cousins.

The small traveling garden we planted in Heber is really starting to grow.  The lettuce and kale sure like the hot humid weather in Ohio.

We spent Nancy’s birthday driving to Berlin which is in the Amish country south of Wooster.  We always enjoy seeing the Amish farms and watching them working in the fields with their horse teams.  We stopped at a Cheese market and bought some great cheese and trail bologna.  We had a wonderful lunch with Scott and Nora at an Amish restaurant.
Rex’s mom was sad to see us leave but it is time to head back to Colorado to see Nancy’s family.  We enjoyed our time with Rex’s mom and his relatives even though the humidity was hard to handle.  We are going to stop and see our friends, Larry and Pauline in Iowa on the way to Colorado.


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