September 23-27, 2015 – Newport, OR

Wednesday morning we said good-bye and thank-you to Tim and Teri and headed south to the Oregon Coast.  It was a beautiful drive especially once we reached the coast – we really like the rugged Oregon coast.  We are staying at South Beach State Park just south of Newport.  This is a very nice state park and we can hear the surf and sea lions barking from our site.  There are a number of paths from the campground to the beach and the path closest to us is ½ mile long and another down the road a short distance is ¼ mile to beach.  We do not plan to do much sightseeing other than drives along the coast as we spent time here four years ago and did a lot of sightseeing on that trip. 

Camille’s urinary tract infection is clearing up but she is still limping and Cody’s eye is getting better. 

Thursday we walked the ½ mile trail with Cody to the beach (we are only walking Camille on short walks because of her sore paw).    Cody really enjoyed investigating all the different sights and smells. He especially liked any dead crab parts and tried to eat a number of crab legs.   After walking along the beach for a while we took the ¼ mile trail back to campground.

Friday morning Cody woke up coughing – we were afraid it is kennel cough so we took both dogs to a vet in Newport.  Our fear was confirmed and Cody has kennel cough but so far Camille does not.  We also had the vet look at Camille’s toe and discovered that it was swollen to more than double its original size.  She x-rayed it and it is not broken but is very badly bruised.   We had only been back to the 5th wheel a few hours when Camille started coughing so we had to go back to the vet to get medicine for her.  Two more strikes against the kennel - we have decided that we will never put our dogs in a kennel again as we have spent more than $750 on vet bills since we picked them up on Monday.

Saturday morning we stayed home to watch the dogs as they are still coughing.  After lunch we decided to take a short drive to Depoe Bay to visit the Whale Watching Center but the town was so busy we couldn’t find a parking spot so we decided to head back to Newport and stop at some overlooks on the way.

We took the Otter Crest Loop and stopped at an overlook by Cape Foulweather and found a couple of whales swimming by Otter Rock.   We could see their spouts without binoculars and with binoculars we could see them rising and one even breached.  We watched them for over 45 minutes before moving on down the coast.  We love watching the waves crashing on the rocks so we stopped at many overlooks.

It seems like each overlook was more spectacular than the last – this is why we love coming to the Oregon coast.

Here is a classic photography mistake – we now have a picture of a picture of Nancy taking a picture - if you look closely you can see the second picture in the small oval mirror at the bottom right side of the big mirror – anyway, despite this mistake, it is a great picture of the coast.

The dogs are doing better but we stayed at the 5th wheel on Sunday and caught up on some chores, did some reading and walked dogs around the park.


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