September 21-22, 2015 – Lakewood, WA

We dropped our luggage off at the 5th wheel and then went to pick up Cody and Camille from the kennel (the Jeep is not big enough for both dogs and luggage).  The dogs were very happy to see us and we were just as happy to see them – we definitely missed them!   The kennel had given them a bath earlier in the morning and the groomer told us Camille had a big mat between her toes.  While trying to get the mat cut out she got a little close to the skin on her toes - Camille is limping and it is very red between her toes.  We put some Neosporin on it when we got back to the 5th wheel.  We also noticed that Cody was not opening his right eye completely and that it was weeping a little.

Tuesday morning Cody’s eye was worse so we took him to a vet in Tacoma and he has an ulcer on his eye.  The vet said it could have been bumped or poked while he was at the kennel and gave us some antibiotic drops to put in it.  All was fine until around midnight when Camille woke us up needing out.  She had all the signs of a urinary tract infection and we knew none of us would get any sleep so Rex took her to an emergency vet clinic where they confirmed the infection and gave her antibiotics.  To our mind this was 2 strikes against the kennel we put them in (which was recommended to us by the vet who treated Cody’s eye).


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