October 17- 31, 2014, Apache Junction, AZ

Rex has been busy working with his partner, Charlie - they are washing park models and doing some handyman jobs.  He also has had a few jobs on the Desert Dwellers Express, the trackless train he works on occasionally.  Nancy has been enjoying a leisurely lifestyle before she starts back to work in November.  She has been going to water aerobics class in the mornings and enjoying walking the dogs around the resort during the day.

Camille had surgery on the 31st to remove a large fatty tumor on her backside beside her tail.  We have been watching it for a few years but this summer it grew a lot bigger and got somewhat harder.  Our veterinarian said it was pressing on her intestines and needed to be removed immediately.  They also removed about 8 warts that had gotten big and/or were getting infected where Camille was chewing on them.  She went through surgery fine and has staples down her backside and many stitches where they removed the warts.


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