November 2014, Apache Junction, AZ

Camille was doing great until she developed an infection in the large incision on her backside.  We got more medication for her and she was responding great.  One night Rex was giving her medications when he noticed a large tumor on the roof of her mouth just behind her front teeth.  Back to the vet who said it was a common type of fast growing benign tumor but that it needed to come out.  We had to wait until the infection in her incision healed before we could have this newest tumor removed.   Camille had the stitches from her wart removals taken out on the 10th and the staples on her backside removed and the tumor on the roof of her mouth removed on the 14th.  Thankfully both tumors were benign and Camille has recovered nicely.

Lots more friends and neighbors are returning in November and we have started our weekly Pegs and Jokers night with friends on Thursday nights.   Rex and a few guitar playing friends get together on Tuesday nights to play and learn from each other.  We also started our Tai Chi classes again on MWF mornings at 7 o’clock – what a great way to start your day.  Gene, our instructor, went back to Iowa towards the end of November for a month of hunting and for Christmas so Rex is teaching the class until Gene returns in January.

We enjoyed a very nice Welcome Back dinner with all our friends and neighbors in the resort on Veterans Day.  The resort furnished fried chicken and everyone brought a dish to share.  Representatives from the Apache Junction Fire Department posted our flags – both USA and Canada - and the veterans in the resort were recognized.  We had a great time visiting with our friends, neighbors and new resort residents.

Nancy started working in the resort office on the 24th - working 7 hours a day four days a week.  This is more than she had planned on working but when asked to work 4 days instead of 3 she couldn’t say no.  She enjoys working in the office and interacting with all the residents but she does miss her morning water aerobics.   She also has started hiking on Friday mornings with a group from the resort.

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner in the resort hall.  The resort furnished the turkeys and we divided up into tables of 24 people.  Each table had a turkey and we all brought a dish to share with our table.  This was the first Thanksgiving dinner without Nancy’s parents since we started coming to Arizona – we miss them a lot.


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