May 21-27, 2014 – Fort Collins, Colorado

Wednesday morning we said good-bye to Bill and Terri and drove to Fort Collins.  We traveledI-25 and just north of Longmont traffic came to a standstill and was stop and go for about 30 minutes.  There was a very bad accident by the Mead exit where a vehicle rear-ended a semi and ended up underneath the trailer.  We count our blessings every day that we have been fortunate not to have had a serious accident in our travels. 

We are staying at the Fort Collins Lakeside KOA Resort; a very nice and well maintained resort – although it is a little pricey.

This cute train drove through the park every day giving rides to kids young and old.  Rex enjoyed looking over the train and talking to the lady who drove it.

Thursday we drove to Estes Park with our friends from Loveland, Bob and Jean.  We saw a lot of the damage from the floods last year.  It is heartbreaking to see all the damage to houses, property and the landscape.  After a nice lunch in Estes Park we came back through Lyons and again viewed the devastating damage the floods left behind.  Unfortunately, we did not bring our camera along so we did not get any pictures.

The brakes on the truck have been making a noise since we left Arizona so we took it to the Ford garage Friday.  They found that the rear brakes were bad and were able to get them repaired by Saturday morning.  Hopefully, that will be all the mechanical problems we have on this trip.

Saturday morning our granddaughter, Mariah, graduated from Fort Collins High School.   The ceremony was very nice and we were impressed with the talks some of her classmates gave.  We are so proud of Mariah and were so happy to be able to watch her graduate.  


After the early morning ceremony we gathered at Nancy’s sister Carol’s house for cake and ice cream.  Nancy’s parents are staying in Longmont but did not attend Mariah’s ceremony as it would be too hard for her mom, but they did come for the cake and ice cream and to congratulate Mariah.


It was also a great opportunity to get a 4 generation picture with Nancy, her parents, her son, Chad, and Mariah.

Mariah is looking forward to attending Front Range Community College in the fall and then transferring to a nursing program in either Greeley or Denver. 

We enjoyed visiting with our family and friends in Colorado and especially enjoyed Mariah’s graduation.   It has rained every day of our visit and there are flood and severe weather warnings every day.  Thankfully, we did not have any severe weather or flooding!


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