June 1-15. 2014 – Shreve, OH

It is great to see Ginny again and she has a long “honey do” list for Rex.  He has been kept busy painting, mowing, and fixing things for her.  Rex enjoys keeping busy and helping his mom.  She did some mending for us and made a cover for the leaf in our dining tables and modified   We bought some throws to protect our couch and recliners but they were too big and didn’t fit properly.  Ginny redid these covers for us so they fit our furniture better – thank you so much.

Rex also did some work for Arnie and Cheryl, his mom’s next door neighbors.  He did some handyman work in their house, cut down some trees and split a big pile of wood.   Arnie and Cheryl are very good neighbors and help Ginny whenever she needs anything.

 We enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels around the bird feeders.  The squirrels liked to sit on the window sill and torment Camille and Cody who would run between the kitchen window and the sliding glass door in the dining room trying to get at them.

Rex’s uncle Ike lives beside a small lake and we enjoyed kayaking around the lake.  The lily pads 
were blooming so we got to see some beautiful flowers (forgot the camera so didn’t get any pictures).  

Ginny was sad to see us leave but it is time to move on. We enjoyed our stay with her and visiting with a lot of Rex’s relatives and some of his high school friends.


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