October 16 – December 31, 2013 - Apache Junction, AZ

Rex has continued keeping busy with his handyman jobs and also helping his friend, Tom, on the Desert Dwellers Express Trackless Train.

Nancy took a park bus trip to the Arizona State Fair where she enjoyed seeing all the exhibits and a very interesting talk on wolves.  We went to a Bluegrass Festival in Tucson on October 26th where we met Nancy’s parents and enjoyed some great music.

On Halloween we participated in a mystery dinner theatre titled “Murder on the Grill”.  Rex played an alcoholic Russian scientist named Ivan Sputnik and Nancy played a 16 year old girl named Bobby Sox who has a boyfriend named Johnny Angel.


As the play unfolds, Tom, a used car dealer is having a cookout in his backyard and is stabbed and killed as he was cooking chicken on the grill.  The cast debates about who could have killed him and reveals clues and secrets about the other cast members.  The audience tried to guess who the killer was (we were so convincing that no one guessed the real killer).  It was a lot of fun and we all had a great time and really enjoyed the evening. 

In November Nancy started hiking on Fridays but Rex was so busy that he gave up leading the Friday hikes and only went hiking once on New Year’s Day lunch hike.

Nancy started working in the resort office on the 11th of November.  She was scheduled to work 3 days a week but mostly worked 4 days and sometimes 5 days which kept her pretty busy.  She also did house cleaning for her mom and dad every few weeks.

Nancy’s parents joined us again for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners – the resort again provided the turkeys and we all brought a dish to share.  Both dinners were great and we enjoyed spending time with Nancy’s parents and our friends and neighbors.

Nancy’s sisters, Kathy and Susan, flew into Sky Harbor Airport on their way back to Denver after spending the holiday in Mexico.  Nancy and her parents had dinner with Kathy and Susan at the airport - it was good to see them again.

We started our duties as Camp Hosts in December.  We are camp hosts once every three weeks and check in campers after the office closes on week days and over the weekend.


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