May 7-15, 2014 – Falfurrias, TX

We are enjoying spending time with Jen but, unfortunately, Jeremy is working and will be gone until after we leave. He is an electrical engineer with an oil company and works at a site for 10 days straight and then has 3 days off.   The first couple of days we were busy getting a new tire for the 5th wheel and ordering a new air condition cover from Camping World.   On Mother’s Day we drove to Corpus Christi and did some more shopping and Jen took us out for a nice lunch.


Monday we drove back to Corpus Christi and spent over 4 hours touring the USS Lexington, a retired aircraft carrier that is now a museum.

The 120,000 sq ft flight deck had about 20 vintage aircraft displayed.   We were also able to go into one of the anti-aircraft gun stations.


We toured the super structure and Jen enjoyed the great view of the flight deck from one of the officer’s chairs.

We next toured the lower decks – what a maze, if it wasn’t for the tour directional signs we would have gotten totally lost in this massive ship.  We toured the officers’ quarters, crew quarters, galley, sick bay, dental clinic, engine room, combat information center, ready rooms, captain’s cabin and chapel.  The crew bunks did not look too comfortable or roomy!

There were also rooms with scale model ships and airplanes, rooms honoring WWII battles and sunken ships.  We watched a short movie in the 3D movie theatre.  This was the first big ship we have been able to tour and we really enjoyed it.  We have a much greater respect for the men and women who serve on aircraft carriers.

After a great dinner at Five Guys Burgers, we called it a day and headed back to Falfurrias.

Monday night we had a big thunderstorm with lots of lightning and thunder.  It rained most of the night and till about noon Tuesday.  It was a good day to get laundry done.  Jen got off work in the early afternoon and Rex took her kite flying on the golf course behind the park.  It was a short session as it started thundering again and threatening rain.

The rain certainly cooled it off and the sun finally came out so Wednesday was a beautiful day.  We drove to Kingsville and met Jen at her office - she is a Manager in Financial Planning for the University Engineering and Campus Planning Department at Texas A & M University, Kingsville.   The campus in Kingsville is small (about 8,000 students) but very nice.

All too soon, it is time for us to head north to Colorado for Mariah’s high school graduation.  We enjoyed our visit with Jen but are disappointed that we did not get to see Jeremy on this visit.  Hopefully, the next time we visit we can schedule our time to coincide with his days off


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