June 5, 2011 - Crescent City, CA

Sunday was a great day as the sun was actually shining today.  We took the dogs to Crescent Beach by Crescent City.  Camille and Cody really enjoyed running around on the beach and smelling everything.  Cody even found some dead crabs and decided he needed to taste one – Yuck!   There were not very many shells on the beach but we did find some nice sand dollars.

After the dogs got tired we drove to Point St. George, an overlook where you can see the St. George Reef Lighthouse.  This lighthouse was built after the steam driven side-paddle wheeler, Brother Jonathan, was lost in stormy seas in 1865.  More than two hundred lives were lost and this wreck remains the worst shipping disaster on the Pacific Coast.  The lighthouse was built 6 miles off the coast and was the most expensive lighthouse built at a cost of $750,000.  That was a lot of money in the 1860’s.  The lighthouse is in the center of this picture but is hard to see because of the fog (and the fact that it is 6 miles away).

Our next stop was Battery Point Lighthouse in the Crescent City Harbor.  This lighthouse started operation in 1856 to warn mariners of rocks and guide ships into the harbor and is still in operation.  It has been continually lived in since it started operation and is also a museum.  We were able to take a tour given by the couple who are living there now. We were the only ones on the tour so we got a lot of information and were able to chat with the lighthouse keepers. The lighthouse sits on an island but you can walk to it during low tide.  We were the last couple to tour today as the tide started coming in while we were in the tower. 

The island was covered with beautiful flowers.

After we walked back across the walkway we had lunch in a picnic area by the parking lot.  While we were eating lunch we watched the tide flood the walkway and the museum closed for the day


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