June 17-18, 2011 – Northern Oregon Coast

Friday morning the sky was clear and the sun was shining.  We moved north to Cannon Beach and are staying at the RV Resort at Cannon Beach.  When we got here we found out the annual sand castle contest is being held Saturday morning.  We are excited about going to the beach on Saturday to watch.

After lunch we took the dogs for a long walk on Arcadia Beach – another beautiful beach.  It clouded over while we were at the beach but was still warm.

We spotted this bald eagle sitting in a very weathered tree on the cliff overlooking the beach.

Cody and Camille really enjoyed running on the beach and smelling everything.  This beach had little dead shrimp all over it as well as crab and other assorted shells. We also found some round, clear gel like blobs – not sure what they are, maybe jelly fish?  There was also a dead sea lion on the beach with signs posted around it to leave it alone.

Saturday morning we woke up to rain.  It rained steady all morning so we decided not to go to the beach for the sand castle contest.  We saw on the evening news that they did go ahead and hold the contest but from the pictures it looked like a very wet, soggy event. 

After lunch we drove to Seaside, which was Oregon’s first beach resort community.  When we got there the rain had eased to a drizzle so we walked the downtown and beach area.  This place is really a tourist trap – lots of shops, arcades, and amusement rides liked bumper cars, tilt a whirl, etc.  It seems every other shop was a candy/popcorn shop.  Rex enjoyed browsing through a large kite store and talking to the owner.  The mains street to the beach was closed for a muscle car show.  We enjoyed seeing classic cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s – reminded us of our younger years.  When we got to the beach area they were having a kids sand soccer tournament.  It looked just like regular soccer but the fields were smaller and the balls were smaller.  The kids also wore a kind of water shoe to play in.  With all these activities going on the streets and beach were crowded despite the rain and drizzle.  We guess that if you live in this area you don’t let the rain keep you inside.

The campground hosted a hamburger/hotdog cookout on the porch of the office.  It was still raining so most of us just took our burgers back to our rigs.  It was nice not to have to cook and getting a free dinner.


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