October 15-20, 2015- Earp, CA

Friday we continued our drive west and are staying at Emerald Cove Resort a few miles outside of Earp, CA and across the Colorado River from Parker, AZ.  It was raining when we got here and the lady that checked us in said we had brought the rain with us – so once again we got to set up in the rain.  This is a large resort on the Colorado River that caters mostly to the boating crowd.  We knew immediately that it was a party resort when the lady checking us in asked if we wanted to be near the bar - she said they have karaoke every night so we asked her for a spot far away from the bar!  We have a nice long site that is on the 2 rows from the river – and away from the bar and nightly karaoke noise!

 The resort backs up to a great beach.

Again, we are just going to relax here for a few days before heading home to Apache Junction.  Most of the people here are boaters and we are awaken every morning to the sound of some big, loud boat roaring up or down river.  The resort is very big with around 800 sites but most of them are empty now and we know by December they will be full of snowbirds.  It has rained some every day and then the sun comes out and then it clouds over and rains again which makes it very muggy.  

While driving back to the resort from Parker one night we saw a wild burro alongside the road and when we were walking dogs in the resort the next day we saw another burro strolling down the next street over from us.  One morning we heard what we thought was an exceptionally loud boat but it was a float plane on the river.

We took a drive up river to Parker Dam on the CA side and back on the AZ side and saw lots of wild burros on the CA side.  These three were enjoying the grass in one of the resorts along the river.

We stopped and got a picture of Parker Dam and then drove across to the Arizona side of the river.

A great view from the Arizona side of the dam – this is looking down river towards where we are staying.

There are a lot of volcanic rock formations in this area – this one is just down the road from the resort.

One afternoon we kayaked upriver for about an hour – we did not see much wildlife, just a few ducks but we did see a lot of RV and manufactured housing resorts.  This housing development is directly across the river from our resort.

It was nice getting out with the kayaks again – we always enjoy it and wonder why we don’t kayak more often.


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