August 24-26, 2015 – Sooke, BC (continued)

When we were getting ready to move north to Duncan for 5 days we experienced some problems with the truck.   When Rex went to start the truck it made a clunk noise and then was very hard to start.  While we were hooking up we noticed fluid leaking out from the muffler.  White vapor was also coming out the tail pipe.  We unhooked again and took it to a Ford Dealership in West Victoria where they diagnosed a plugged oil cooler causing the EGR cooler to overheat and leak coolant into the engine.  They had to remove the turbo charger in order to replace the two coolers.  After the repairs they had to run the truck at 1200 rpm for 1 hour and then drain and refill and then run for another hour and flush until clear.  The repairs took until about 6 pm on Tuesday so we waited until Wednesday morning to pick up the truck and hear what the final cost would be – Ouch$$!!

With the uncertainty of when the truck would be finished we decided to change our plans and not go to Duncan.  We, of course, had to stay in Sooke until we got the truck back and then we will head closer to Victoria to stay until we catch the Coho Ferry back to the States.

We spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday relaxing in the campground, - walking the dogs, and reading.

Wednesday morning we picked up the truck and the final cost was exactly what they quoted us – Ouch$$ - but it is great to have it running smoothly again.  After lunch we took a drive to East Sooke which is across the Sooke Basin from Sooke.  We stopped at a viewpoint where we could see the Whiffin Spit just offshore - there is a very narrow inlet here into Sooke Harbor so the spit was very close.


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