October 16, 2014 – Apache Junction, AZ

Thursday morning we drove down into the Valley of the Sun and arrived at our winter home in Golden Sun RV Resort in Apache Junction, AZ.  The weather is great – in the low to mid 90’s and dry (YEAH! - no humidity).  We decided we will not travel in the southeast during the summer again.  It is great to be back at Golden Sun and we are looking forward to staying in one place for the winter.  We are enjoining seeing our friends and neighbors who are here and looking forwards to seeing others as they arrive.  After getting our place set up Rex immediately started working on handyman jobs for people in our resort.  He also had a job on Friday evening with The Desert Dwellers Express – the trackless train he works on.  Nancy will start working in the resort office 4 days a week in November so it looks like we will both be busy this winter.  Rex set up his windmill that we had at our house in Colorado.  When we sold the house Nancy’s parents let us store the windmill in their cactus garden here in Apache Junction.  When her parents put their property up for sale last spring we moved the windmill here.  Nancy’s parents are no longer going to come to Arizona and have moved into a senior living apartment in Longmont, CO.  It is going to be very different not having them here this winter and we will especially miss them over the holidays. 

Now that we are no longer traveling we will post to the blog only about once a month to keep everyone updated on what we are doing.


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