August 22-25, 2014 – Sikeston, Missouri

We left West Memphis Friday morning and drove north to Sikeston, Missouri where we are visiting with Nancy’s nephew, Christopher and his wife, Madison.  Christopher and Madison have 10 month old twins named Nathan and Hattie – we are so anxious to meet these two little ones.
We met Madison’s parents and grandmother for dinner Friday night and after dinner Great Aunt Nancy couldn’t wait to get on the floor and play with these two sweeties.

Nancy and Madison are reading the books and playing with the stuffed manatees we brought from Florida.  These two babies are so sweet and happy all the time – we only heard them fuss once and that was because they were tired.  Nathan, sitting on Nancy’s leg, is serious and quiet while Hattie is the more lively and active one.

Saturday we met Madison’s parents for breakfast and then went to the farmer’s market in town.  We bought some great plums and cherry tomatoes – Mmm nothing like garden fresh fruits and veggies.  The rest of the day we spent playing with those two little ones.  They are the happiest and best behaved babies we have seen.  They keep Christopher and Madison very busy all the time.  Christopher and Madison are doing a wonderful job with these two.  We had a great time visiting with Christopher and Madison and especially playing with Nathan and Hattie.  We enjoyed meeting Madison’s parents and her grandmother.


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