July 21-23, Thomasville, GA

We left Bluffton on Monday morning and headed southwest to Thomasville, GA.    We drove through a good rainstorm and it was still raining when we arrived.  We are staying at the Sugar Mill RV Park just north of Thomasville.   This is a nice quiet park with lots of grass and trees.  

There is a plantation here that we want to see but other than that we plan to relax and take it easy for a couple of days.

Tuesday we drove into Thomasville and went to the Visitor Center to get information about this area.  We spent the rest of the day at the 5th wheel getting caught up on some necessary chores.  We got a mail shipment sent here so we had that to go through.  Rex received a new pressure regulator for our air compressor that he had ordered so he spent part of the afternoon fixing the air compressor. 

Wednesday morning we drove to Pebble Hill Plantation where we had planned to take a plantation tour.  Unfortunately, the plantation was closed for a week starting today, as the sign said, “for extensive plumbing repairs”.  We consulted the visitor info we had gotten from the Visitor Center and headed to The Big Oak.  

This huge live oak is over 300 years old, 68 ft tall with a trunk circumference of 26 ft.  This tree is the same age as the Angel Oak we saw outside Charleston and is taller but has a smaller trunk circumference. You feel so tiny and insignificant under these trees.

We next stopped at the Thomasville Rose Garden and Cherokee Lake.  The rose garden has more than 900 rose bushes and was beautiful.

We are at the end of the blooming season but were still able to find some beautiful blooms.  This one with the morning dew still on the petals was nice.

After looking at the roses we took a short path to Cherokee Lake and watched the geese, ducks, fish and turtles.  We then headed back to the 5th wheel for some lunch and to spend the afternoon with the dogs.
We enjoyed our time in the Thomasville area even though we did not get to tour the plantation.  It was nice to relax and spend more time with the dogs.


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