September 27 – October 1, Terrebonne, OR

Once again it is raining on moving day!  We left Cougar Friday morning and drove through rain all day to Terrebonne, OR which is just north of Redmond.  We are staying with our friends, Doug and Barb and their dog Shasta and cat Silver.  They live in a nice development of small acreages called Crooked River Ranch.   Cody and Camille like it here as the large back yard is fenced and they can run around all they want.  We have a great spot to park in the driveway beside Doug and Barb’s house.  We were hoping for dryer weather here but we brought the rain with us.   It has been dry here so, even though we are tired of rain, Doug and Barb were grateful.   It rained Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again Monday night so by Tuesday we were all glad to see the sun.  The hardtop we put on the Jeep last spring leaked some so we had to keep the doors open between rain storms to dry it out.

We have visited here before and have seen most of the area sites so we decided to just visit with Doug and Barb and get some chores taken care of.   Our kitchen faucet was leaking a little and gradually getting worse so we bought a new one and Rex installed it.  He also got some other outside chores done between rain storms.  Doug and Barb’s next door neighbors came over Sunday for chili and to watch the Denver Broncos game.  We also joined Barb for a weekly neighborhood coffee on Tuesday morning and met some of their neighbors.  We had to disconnect our water connection Tuesday night as the temperature got down to the mid 20’s.  We woke Wednesday morning to see a fresh blanket of snow on the Three Sisters Peaks – Faith, Hope and Charity.  We decided it was time to move south and find warmer weather!  We thank Doug and Barb for their great hospitality and look forward to seeing them when they come to Arizona.


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