August 3-5, 2013 – Revelstoke, BC

We had quite a thunderstorm Friday night and Saturday morning with lots of thunder and lightning and rain.   It was again foggy, cloudy and overcast Saturday morning so we let Mariah sleep in.  After lunch we went to the Revelstoke Dam and took their self guided tour.   The dam is 175 meters (574 ft) high and 457 meters (1,550 ft) long.

The Revelstoke Dam is the most powerful of the three Canadian dams on the Columbia River, producing over 7,500 gigawatt hours of electricity every year – enough to power the equivalent of 800,000 homes.  We rode an elevator from the Visitor Center to the dam crest lookout where we got a great view of the spillway.  Our Jeep in the Visitor Center parking lot is the last vehicle on the right in the middle row with the orange kayaks on top.

 The Visitor Center had lots of displays about electricity, the history of the dam, and energy conservation.  This was Mariah’s first time visiting a dam and she enjoyed learning about how a dam operates.

Sunday morning was again foggy, cloudy and overcast but it looked like it was clearing up so we headed to The Revelstoke Mountain Resort and rode the Revelation Gondola.

The gondola stopped at the Mid-Mountain Lodge and we were a little disappointed that it was not running to the top of the mountain.  We had a great buffet breakfast with all kinds of wonderful food – eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, eggs, omelets, waffles and all the trimmings – along with wonderful views from the lodge deck.

As we ate breakfast we watched the storm get stronger and move down the valley – we think we are going to get wet!  We walked around outside the lodge for a little while enjoying the views before we decided to head back down the gondola before it started raining.  We timed it just right as it started sprinkling on the way down and started raining just after we reached the Jeep.

We took a short drive around the area of the resort and along the Columbia River before heading back to the campground.  It rained till mid afternoon so it was a good time to relax and get some reading in.

Monday morning was spent doing laundry, catching up on some house cleaning, washing the Jeep, and getting things ready to leave tomorrow.  We have enjoyed Revelstoke and the beautiful surrounding area but we are ready to move on as the noise from the highway and the railroad tracks is trying – we would not recommend this campground to anyone.


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