June 23, 2013 - Black Hills, SD (continued)

Saturday night this area had tornado warnings out and the sky was looking pretty ugly.  Luckily, all we got was more rain.

Sunday we went to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and took a 2-hour guided bus tour to see the wild horses.  This sanctuary was established to save the horses rounded up by the BLM and are deemed “un-adoptable”.  They also provide a home for wild horses that are adopted from the BLM and then returned for various reasons.  These horses spend the remainder of their lives here at the sanctuary running free on the property.  There are currently over 500 horses on the property.  The bus tour stopped a couple of times and let us out so we could get near the horses.  

We had a lot of fun watching this adorable colt.

We enjoyed seeing all the horses and learning about the sanctuary.  Our horse lover, Mariah, especially enjoyed this tour.  

We had a great time once again in the Black Hills.  This is one of our favorite places to visit.


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