October 1- 6, 2012 - Chama, NM (continued)

We had good news at Rex’s doctor’s appointment.  His fracture was small and healing nicely so he no longer needs to wear the air cast or use the crutches.  The doctor gave him an ankle brace that he can wear with his regular shoes so he is much more mobile.  

The park owners, Russ and Marge, invited us to a pizza party Saturday night.  They wanted to thank everyone who helped work on Russ’s railroad and the workcampers who worked in the park all summer.  The party was in the kitchen railroad car that Russ has in the park.  The car has a small kitchen with a dinette booth in the back and enough space for 3 small tables in the rest of the car.   We had a great time and enjoyed talking with everyone – the pizza and wine was also good.  We have enjoyed our stay at Rio Chama RV Park and have made our reservations to come back next summer.


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