June 18-19, Sioux Falls, SD

Monday morning was rainy as we left Winona and we drove through rain most of the day.   As we were leaving the campground, Rex noticed that the 5th wheel was pulling hard so he stopped and discovered that we had accidently left the Jeep in gear.  This caused the motor to cease up so are now towing a dead Jeep.  We are going to take it to a repair shop when we get to Ft. Collins to see how badly the engine is damaged and what it will take to fix it.  So for the now we will have to use the truck for our sightseeing trips.

We stopped in Sioux Falls, SD to visit with our friend, Charlene.  Charlene and her late husband belonged to our camping group in Colorado and we have not seen her for a number of years.  We are staying at the Sioux Falls Fairgrounds – not a pretty campground but it works for a couple of nights.  Charlene showed us around Sioux Falls and took us to the neighborhood where she grew up.  We walked around the downtown area where there are many sculptures along the street.  Charlene said they change the sculptures every year.  We spent some time at Falls Park – a beautiful park along the Sioux River.  We stopped at the Visitor Center and Observation Tower.
The views from the top of the observation tower were great.  There used to be a flour mill, electric generating station and quarry here.  Now it is a beautiful park where the city holds all kinds of events and activities for the residents.

It was great to see Charlene again and we really enjoyed our visit.


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