October 13-31, 2011 – Apache Junction, AZ

We arrived at Golden Sun RV Resort in Apache Junction on October 13th.  It is good to be “home” again.  We settled in our new site, A8, which is just two sites down from the site we had for the past two years.  We like the new site and are making it our own by landscaping it with rocks and plants.  We are really enjoying the bigger shed and the washer and dryer – no more going to the Laundromat – YEAH!

“A” street was pretty empty when we got here – just one other couple on the other end of the street.  More and more neighbors are arriving every day or so.  It was hot when we arrived – in the high 90’s - but after about a week and a half it started cooling down to the 80’s, just about perfect.

We met Nancy’s parents in Tucson on Saturday, October 29th, and attended the Desert Bluegrass Festival.  We enjoyed listening to some really good bands and spending the day with Nancy’s parents. 

We had a good time at the Halloween dinner and party sponsored by our park.  We enjoyed our neighbors who had the courage to dress up in costume.  Rex and our neighbor, Barb, entered the mummy contest where one partner wound a roll of toilet paper around the other.  The team who used up the entire roll of toilet paper the fastest won.  Barb was a very fast wrapper and she and Rex won.  They each received a coupon for a free biscuit and gravy breakfast.

Now that we are no longer traveling, we will update the Blog about once a month to let you know what we have been doing.


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