August 14-24, 2011 – Mt. Pleasant, UT

We left Delta on Sunday, August 14th and drove east to Mt. Pleasant, UT.  We are staying at Pleasant Creek Ranch, which is our home park in the Camper World network of campgrounds.  Mt. Pleasant is in the Sanpete Valley with the San Pitch Mountains to the West and the Wasatch Plateau to the East.  Our RV Park is located southeast of Mt. Pleasant at the base of the Wasatch Plateau.  We have a very nice site with grass and shade trees.

We are going to spend 11 days here relaxing and doing some Jeeping.

The first Jeep trip we took was on the Skyline Drive, an 87 mile 4-wheel drive road on the spine of the Wasatch Plateau.  We had been on this drive in June last year, but most of the southern part was closed because of snow.  We drove about 2/3rds of the road on this trip and it is a beautiful drive at altitudes between 9,000 and 11,000 ft.  This is looking down on the town of Mt. Pleasant.

We saw four shepherd’s camps along the road and passed a shepherd riding his horse on the road with his Border Collie running along beside.  But, we never did see any of the flocks of sheep.

There were wildflowers everywhere and they were beautiful.

We found this beautiful white Columbine peeking out from underneath a pine tree while we were taking a break and walking the dogs.

On our drive here last year we had to wait about an hour while a front-end loader dug out a huge snow drift on the road.   This year we only came upon one snowdrift blocking the road but were able to take a side trail around it.  There was still a lot of snow up here.

One section of the road was closed because of the danger of possible landslides so we had to detour down to Joes Valley where we had lunch by Joes Valley Reservoir.  We were able to get back onto Skyline Drive and continue our drive.  This is looking down one of the numerous side canyons to the Sanpete Valley.

It was getting late in the afternoon when we came to Manti Canyon so we headed down the canyon and stopped at Milky Falls.

We continued down Manti Canyon to the town of Manti and then took the highway back to Mt. Pleasant.  We had a great day and saw some wonderful scenery.

We took another Jeep trip into the San Pitch Mountains on the West side of the valley.  We drove up Maple Canyon, which is a popular rock climbing area.  We stopped towards the top of the canyon and took this picture looking back down; you can see how narrow the canyon is and how steep the walls are

We spent a very enjoyable day following 4-wheel drive roads in the San Pitch Mountains.  We saw another shepherd’s wagon but again did not see any sheep.

A friend from our RV Park in AZ, who lives in Monticello, UT, fell and broke her hip on Saturday.  She was transported to University Hospital in Salt Lake City where she underwent surgery on Sunday.  We drove to Salt Lake City on Tuesday to visit Mary Jane.  Although she was in a lot of pain she seemed to be doing fine.  We hope to see her back in Arizona this fall.

We enjoyed our time at Pleasant Creek Ranch.  It was nice to relax and not do much for a change.  We look forward to returning in the future to explore more of Skyline Drive and enjoy our home park.


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