Many more residents arrived and more activities have started in the park this month. We hike with 2 hiking groups each week. On Tuesdays we go with the “Stop and Smell the Roses” group which takes easier hikes with plenty of time to look at the surrounding area. On Friday’s we go with the “Friday Hike” group which does a little harder and longer hikes. Rex gets to go on some of the hikes depending on his work schedule. On days we are not hiking, Nancy does a floor exercise class at 8 am followed by a water aerobics class at 9 am. We are still taking Bailey with us on our daily walks with Camille and Cody. We also went on a 4-wheel drive trip with our Jeep group to Mt. Lemmon by Tucson. We drove up the back side of Mt. Lemmon and stopped at Summerhaven for a picnic lunch. Summerhaven is a small resort town by the ski area. We then took the highway back to Apache Junction. We keep forgetting to take our camera with us so we don’t have any hiking or 4-wheeling pictures yet.

The park hosted a welcome back dinner where they furnished the fried chicken and the residents provided pot luck dishes. We volunteered to help with the dinner and ended up helping to serve the chicken. It was a great dinner and as usual we had more food than anyone could possibly eat.

On Thanksgiving Day the park hosted a dinner where they furnish the turkeys and the residents furnish the rest of the dishes. There are tables set up for 24 people and you signed up for a table and a dish to bring for that table. Someone volunteers as the hostess and decorates the table. Nancy’s parents joined us and we had a great time and the food was excellent - and the best part was we only had to cook one dish.


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