September 17-19, 2010 – Sikeston, MO

The brake caliper parts for the 5th wheel did not come in yesterday but are suppose to be in by noon today. Rex had called the company that manufactures the brakes and they told him how to bypass that wheel so that the rest of the brakes would work. After making that fix and bleeding the brakes we headed to Trailer World in Bowling Green and got there just before noon. Wouldn’t you know it, UPS was late today and we didn’t get the part until 2:00 pm. We then headed to Sikeston, MO where we arrived at Nancy’s brother’s house around 6:30 pm. Nancy’s nephew, Christopher, and his wife, Madison, have a house on 5 acres and we are parked on their property.

We had a nice visit with Nancy’s brother, Bob, and his fiancée, Audrey.  We also enjoyed visiting with Christopher and Madison.  Bob’s two younger sons, Mike and Jason stopped by for a visit on Sunday.  Madison was babysitting her cousin’s little girl, Leyla and we got a cute picture of her riding Lilly, the Great Dane.  Christopher and Madison also have a Boxer named Max.
We got the new tire and Rex got it on the 5th wheel.  He also installed the new brake caliper so we are set to travel again.


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