July 10 - 31, 2010, Chama, NM continued

Rex has been busy working on the train at least 3 or 4 days a week so that has not left us a lot of time for other activities. We did take a hike in the Rio Grande National Forest North of Chama. Our plan was to hike to this waterfall across the valley, but we couldn’t find the trail that cuts off to the waterfall.

We still had a great hike in a beautiful area.

We celebrated Nancy’s birthday on the 14th with friends from Mississippi, Billy & Arlene. We had a great dinner and enjoyed catching up with Billy & Arlene.

Nancy enjoyed a great ride on the train on the 16th while Rex was working as a Docent. We rode the bus to Antonito where we got on the train and rode to Osier, CO where we had a great lunch. After lunch we boarded the train and rode to Cumbres Pass where we met the bus for the ride back to Chama. It was hot but a very enjoyable day.

One of the perks of being a Docent is getting to hold hands with the ladies!

We have also taken a couple of Jeep drives on some of the great 4WD roads in the area.

We rode the train together on the 27th – it was the first time in a number of years that Rex rode the train without being a Docent. He enjoyed having the time to look around and find new things to point out and talk about when he is working as a Docent. We walked down the railroad tracks from the RV Park to the train station and saw this porcupine in a tree along the way.

This trip we rode the train from Cumbres Pass to Osier where we had lunch and then returned to Cumbres Pass. Another great day on the train!
Nancy rode the train again on the 29th while Rex was working as a docent. We rode the train from Antonito to Cumbres Pass. This was a nice way to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. The train stops at Osier, CO and we all have lunch in the dining hall then back on the train for the ride to Cumbres Pass.
We haven’t heard about any bears in the RV Park for a few weeks. We were disappointed that we didn’t get to see any of them but glad that they are not coming into the RV Park so much.

We have had a great time in Chama and Rex really enjoys working as a Docent on the train. We spent some enjoyable evenings getting better acquainted with some of the other Docents and their wives. We were surprised how fast the month went by and had planned to do more hiking and taking more 4WD trips with the Jeep – oh well, there is always next year. We are leaving on August 1st and heading north toward Ft. Collins, CO with a stop for a couple of days in Buena Vista where we plan to take the Jeep to some of the ghost towns in the Collegiate Peaks area.


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