December 2009

December 2009

Well, December started off not so good. On December 5th Rex ruptured a tendon on his left ring finger. We would like to tell you that he injured his finger doing something exciting…. but that is not the case – he was taking off his sock while changing into his cruise uniform. Anyway, on the 9th he had surgery to repair his tendon. The surgeon inserted a pin to keep his finger straight until the repair heals (about 6 weeks). Other than not being able to wash dishes he is doing well.

On December 13th Nancy and her parents went to a civil war reenactment at the fairgrounds. They had a dozen Union and Confederate forces who staged a battle in the fairgrounds arena. The Union won the battle - It was very interesting but, because it was staged in an arena, it wasn’t very realistic. After the battle one of the Union soldiers gave a demonstration on how to load a muzzle loading rifle.

We went to church with Nancy’s parents on Christmas Eve and then had dinner and spent the evening with them. Christmas Day was a quiet day at home, we visited with our families on the telephone and then went to a very nice dinner in the park clubhouse.

The weather has been cooler than normal and breezy this month, but still much warmer than it has been in Colorado. We continue to go hiking with the hiking group in our park whenever we can and Nancy goes to water exercise class most mornings. While Rex was working on the Dolly, Nancy took a couple of park bus trips - one to the Tempe Arts Festival and one to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. The Tempe Arts Festival is a large juried art and craft festival in downtown Tempe with lots of booths selling a wide variety of items. The arboretum is an Arizona State Park that has a really nice display of desert plants from all over the world. We hiked around for about 3 hours looking at cacti, agave and many other plants and then had lunch in Superior. We saw four cardinals – their bright red color really made them stand out. They were both really nice outings with other park residents.

On New Year’s Eve we had pizza with Nancy’s parents and then enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home with the dogs.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and we are looking forward to a great 2010!


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